Jun 17, 2018

Success Story of Mamadou - A Malian Orphan

Mamadou is a talented and industrious 15-year-old boy from Nioro, Mali. He lives with his uncle due to the passing of his father a few years ago. Mamadou attends school and is in grade 6. During vacation, he works as a tailor in a nearby workshop. Mamadou loves sewing and wants to become a tailor in the future like his late father.

Prior to being enrolled in the Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP), Mamadou refused to go to school. He continued to work as a tailor trainee in a workshop in Nioro. It was the encounter his uncle received with Zakat Foundation’s Mali office staff that encouraged Mamadou’s uncle to enroll him in school. Additional help from a local headmaster facilitated Mamadou’s return to school. Financial difficulties contributed to Mamadou’s uncle not being able to send him to school.

Mamadou’s uncle states:

“The support of Mamadou has been such a good thing because without Zakat Foundation intervention, Mamadou will not be back to school. I can now pay Mamadou’s school kits.”

Thank you for your generous contribution! Mamadou can continue with his education as well as work in the tailor’s shop doing what he loves; sewing and creating during school breaks and holidays.

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