Jun 12, 2018

Young Mahaboobi; How Your Sponsorship Has Uplifted Her World

Mahaboobi Kadi and her mother are grateful to Zakat Foundation of America and its donors for all the good they have provided since Mahaboobi was 6 years old.

Mahaboobi is now 10 years old, is excellent in studies and has always been a top scorer at school. She is a hard-working student, getting As in class, and she moved up to Fourth Grade. She is multi-talented and aims to become a teacher when she grows up. Urdu is her favorite subject, and she loves singing and ice cream.

Her mother, Haseena Begum, says…..

“This Support has helped us to regain our strength. I could not dream of continuing my daughter’s education and  dream about her of becoming a teacher in her future without this constant support. May Allah bless the donors immensely for their wholehearted support. They provided for us when it was most required.”

The family condition was at its worst when Mahaboobi’s father died in the 2008 from a heart attack. After that, her mother faced lot of problems in life. Raising four children became increasingly difficult, and she struggled to feed the family. They faced the toughest time of their lives. The catastrophe of Haseena’s husband’s death was worsened by her in-laws disowning her and her four children. She started working at Beddi Rolling to earn some income. She could pay rent and feed her children, but she felt crippled when it came to educating her children, as she had limited means.

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